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Brian Smith ( aka auggie)  
Los Angeles
2-3-2011 11:47 PM  Write a comment Send E-mail

I am a new trader trying to learn the business, and RPM's Tech Talk Live is the best show on the Internet for learning how to trade. I have searched trading sites for months and have found nothing close to what RPM offers. His Tech information on Tuesday nights is thorough, interesting and always with the latest in gadgets. His Thursday night Trader Spotlight show provides some of the best trading education on the Internet! But that's not all, the show is highly entertaining as well, and interactive! And RPM always interviews highly skilled traders who want to help other traders without trying to sell them something. What else could you ask for? A show every night maybe? Well, perhaps that's asking too much of RPM. I actually wouldn't change a thing and appreciate and always look forward to the two very special shows each and every week. Thanks for the Great Work RPM! Brian Smith (auggie)